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Friday, March 09, 2012

Install Windows 8 With Virtual Machine

As We Explain in Last Post Here’s How to Install With Virtual Machine Step By Step:
1- Download the ISO image of   From Here
2- Download and install the Virtual box From Here

3- Open the VM Virtual Box and Chose The “New” button to create a new virtual machine.
3-In the wizard that pops up, select the Operating System and then , Click Next
4- Select the amount of memory(RAM), 32-bit version of requires minimum 1 gigabyte and the 64-bit version requires 2GB. Click on next button.
5- Create a new Virtual hard disk and Click Next.
6- Choose the virtual disk image (VDI) and click on Next button.
7-  Choose Dynamically allocated (If you want to allocate fixed memory then select Fixed allocated,20 Gb will be optimal).
8- While allocating memory space make sure that your virtual disk has at least 16GB allocated to it for the 32-bit version of Windows 8. The 64-bit version needs a minimum of 20GB.

9- Now verify the setting that you need and create the Virtual machine it will take some time to create a file.
10- Then start the virtual machine that you just created, a wizard will appear and click Next
11- Your virtual hard disk is now ready
12- Now, Browse and select the Consumer Preview ISO image file which you have downloaded.
12-  Now Click on the next button and this will initiate the set up it will take around 20 to 30 minutes.
After That The will be ready to run on virtual machine


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