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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to Make Keyboard Shortcuts for Programs

Give Us Nice Option in Which We Can Make a Shortcut for an Application.
The application Also would launch when the combo of keys (More Than one Key) is pressed which you entered as the Shortcut Key for that application.

To create Shortcut key for any application in :
1. Right-click the program icon and select Properties.
2. Select the Shortcut tab
3. Click in Shortcut key textbox
4. Enter the keyboard shortcut for that program.

Screenshot - 29-Feb-12 , 11_58_19 AM
5. Press OK to exit.
in Last Sample I Assigned # 5 As Shortcut For Pocasa 3 But As Advise From My Side Don’t Make Only One of Nums Key As Shortcut as It Will Make The App. Oen in Any Time You Type # 5 Even You Type This No. in Word Or Excel So Always Use Combo Shortcut It’s Better
6. Use the Keyboard shortcut combo to launch the application.

Screenshot - 29-Feb-12 , 12_11_44 PM


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