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Friday, February 24, 2012

Make a Secret Folder

All Of Us Always Need to Keep Some Files Away in Secret Location in Our Computer As Nobody Can’t Access it,

But How We Can Do That By Simple and Correct Way,

Now With This App. We  Can Make Any Of Your Folder As a Secret Folder and The Windows Deal With it As a System File Here's How You Can Do That Step By Step:

1- Download This Tiny App.(Disguise Folder 1.0)

2- Open The App. and Press Disguise to Chose The Folder You Want Make it As Secret Folder
3- Then Chose What Icon You Want Your Folder be (Upadte, Display,Show Desktop)
4- Then Chose Disguise Now (Your Folder Become As System Icon and You Can't Change it)
To Recover The Folder
1-Open The App. and Press Recover to Chose The Folder
2-Press Recover Now Your Folder Be Normal Folder Again


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