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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Internet History in Lines

We All Use The Internet From Several Years But Did All Know The Internet History Here's Some Important Events in Internet Life:

Year Event

Year   Event
1960   AT&T introduces the dataphone and the first known MODEM.
1969   On August 29, 1969 the first network switch and the first piece of network equipment (called "IMP", which is short for Interface Message Processor) is sent to UCLA.
1969   On September 2, 1969 the first data moves from UCLA host to the IMP switch.
1969   CompuServe, the first commercial online service, is established.

1973   The first VoIP call is made.
1983   ARPANET standardizes TCP/IP.
1990   The first search engine Archie, written by Alan Emtage, Bill Heelan, and Mike Parker at McGill University in Montreal Canada is released on September 10, 1990
1991   Tim Berners-Lee introduces WWW to the public on August 6, 1991.
1991   NSF opens the Internet to commercial use.
1992   Internet Society formed.
1993   The NCSA releases the Mosaic browser.
1994   Netscape (Mosaic Communications corporation) is found by Marc Andreesen and James H. Clark April 4, 1994.
1994   Mosaic Netscape 0.9, the first Netscape browser is officially released October 13, 1994. This browser also introduces the Internet to Cookies.
1995   The dot-com boom starts.
1995   The SSL protocol is developed and introduced by Netscape in February 1995.
1995   On April 1, 1995 the Opera browser is released.
1995   The first VoIP software (Vocaltec) is released allowing end users to make voice calls over the Internet.
1995   On August 16, 1995 Microsoft introduces and releases Microsoft Internet Explorer.
1995   On November 24, 1995 HTML 2.0 is introduced in RFC 1866.
1995   On December 4, 1995 Sun Microsystems announced JavaScript and first releases it in Netscape 2.0B3. In the same year they also introduced Java.
1996   Now known as Adobe Flash, Macromedia Flash is introduced in 1996.
1996   More e-mail is sent than postal mail in USA.
1998   Internet weblogs begin to appear.
1999   Napster starts sharing files in September of 1999.
1999   On December 1, 1999 the most expensive Internet domain name was sold by Marc Ostrofsky for $7.5 Million The domain was later sold on July 26, 2007 again to R.H. Donnelley for $345 Million USD.
2000   The dot-com bubble starts to burst.
2003   On June 30, 2003 the Safari browser is released.
2004   On November 9, 2004 Mozilla releases the Mozilla Firefox browser.
2008   On December 11, 2008 the Google Chrome.


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