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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Create Virtual Hard Disk on Your PC

All of Us Need More and More Space to Store More Files on Our Hard Disk Now Gmail Give You This Option.

It's Give You Virtual Hard Drive on Your PC and It’s Working Only When You Connect to Internet
This Option You Can Use it to Store All The Kinds of Files Except .exe Files and Also Not Allow You to Create Folders on it.
Here’s The Steps to Create Gmail Drive (It’s Free App.)
1- Download Gmail Drive App. From Here
2- Find Here The New Drive
3- Right Click on The Dive and Login As  (As Show on The FollowingScreenshot - 28-Feb-12 , 12_47_07 PM Image)
Screenshot - 28-Feb-12 , 1_03_34 PM4-Login Using Your Gmail Account .
5-to Open The Drive Right Click === Open
5- Now You Have The Drive to Store The Files You Need But The File Must Not Exceed Than 25Mb.
Have Fun With The Extra Space You Have As Long As You Are Online.


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