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Monday, May 14, 2012

Apple Plan to Kick Out Android tablets With Mini IPad

There's News That Apple is planning to launch a New Product Called 'iPad Mini' (Small Version of IPad) to Kill The Other Android Tablets (Like Samsung Galaxy Tab)
The New Mini IPad Will Launch in October 2012 and The Price Will Be About $200-250 !!!!!  to leave no room for competition with the Other Companies and Will Have The Following features:

1- the same 'Retina' display featured , bringing the same 3.1million pixels to a smaller 7-8" display.2048x1536 resolution.
2- It'll Be With 8GB as Internal Storage for your apps, videos and music.
That's All News About Mini IPad Till Now and We Try to Keep Track The News to Know More About The New Apple Product 


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