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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Show More Than Clock in System Tray in Windows 7

Lot of  users need to keep track of time in multiple Time Zones , Like New York , London , Paris , Cairo , etc
Windows 7 help users keep track of time in Multiple Time zones. The feature is multiple clocks in your system tray.

This feature can display up to 3 clocks in your taskbar from 3 different Time Zones.
Click on

To Do That Here’s The Steps :
1- Click on the Clock in System tray.
2- Click on the „Change date and time settings‟ to open Date and Time Window.
3- Click on the tab for Additional Clocks.

4- Now you can add up to two additional clocks.
5- Enter time Zone and Clock Display name.
6- Check the „Show this clock‟ box to enable the clock.
Click OK

Hover over the clock and it would show you Time in text for all 3 Time Zones (including the one your Local one).


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