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Friday, March 16, 2012

Putt Your Computer on Control All The Time

I Think We All Face The Problem of Using The Computer That The Other Partners in The Family Use it  ( Wife , Children , Brother , Sister)
How Can Put Our Computer Under Control and Know Exactly What The Others Do on The Computer
When You Away , We Give You This Program to Put Your Computer Under Control and To Record Everything Happened With The PC With Max Keylogger
The Feature of Max Keylogger:
1- Maxkeylogger records all typed keystrokes by the users on computer invisibly. No matter who type anything and in what language.
2- Monitor all active performances and capture screen snapshot of your PC. You could see completely what have been displayed while others are using your PC in your absence.
3- Record all copy, cut and paste actions on email, browser or wherever on windows clipboard used by external user on PC.
4- Max keylogger record all application launched on your PC system in hidden way. You would know the exact time, date path and other parameters of users’ activates on your PC.
5- Securely trace and log your username and password information details in simplified way, Windows login password included.
6- Allows receiving log files through email without accessing the source computer.
7- Automatically upload activity logs to Web server via FTP settings This helps to check external users’ activities even if you are thousand miles
8- Users can not detect about the key logger installation on the computer Maxkeylogger is compeletly undetectable during PC under monitored process. And would not be displayed in the Add Remove Programs list, Program files menu, installation path of your computer system.
9- Easily records all chat conversation, including voice chat conversation performed by user along with system sound details while you are away
10- Software can be easily accessed according to hot key or run command settings if keylogger running hidden.

You Can Download Trial Version From Here:


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