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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Create New Folder By Keyboards Only

What We Can Do If Our Mouse Not Working? Or You Don’t Have Mouse At All , and We Need To Create New Folder What You Can Do?

  As All We Know Creating New Folder By Mouse Right Click New Folder ,

I Try to Find a Simple Way to Create New Folder By Only !!!!!!!

I Searched and Searched Till I Found This Way Which I’ll Explain it Right Here How to Create New Folder By Only:
Alt + F, then let go of the Alt + W + F. This will create new folder
This Way Working With Windows XP , Vista and 7
and For Windows You Can Create New Folder By This Easy Way

Ctrl + Shift + N 
As I Told You Before It’s Very Simple and Correct Way to Make it. So Enjoy It By This Simple Way


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