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Monday, January 02, 2012

Wow !!!! Voice Message In Facebook Using MyMic Application

This  application  makes you able to post your voice messages on your friends walls and send voice messages to people.

And also update the Status Bar.

This application is called mymic and we’ll have to allow it to access your  profile as normal. Just visit this application page and start using to send short voice messages and even update our status.

There is a time limit to use this service. We will only able to record a message or status that is about 20 seconds long for free,

If you want to etend the time than you have to pay for it, it is a pay plan application.

To use this application is very easy, All we need is a microphone.Once our message is recorded, the application will ask if we want to send it to our friends or in our status .

And then they will ask us to promote the application in our update. Just accept it.

Try out this application and the great thing is that our friends do not have install anything . It's very simple.

Enjoy it.......and don't forget to comment below.


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