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Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Windows Store to Be Open in February 2012

The will open its new Windows Store to customers in late February together with the beta of ,
Windows Store is an important part of the experience,
The store will be available in all the languages supported by Windows, which number over a 100,

The apps will be localized in these languages as well, and there will be local currency payments, he added.The Windows Store is an opportunity to reach customers with free and paid apps in 231 markets worldwide,
said in its blog. The company will have a number of market-specific catalogs, tailored for those customers, and a "rest of world" catalog for all other markets.
The Windows Store will be available when Beta is released,
but during a beta phase all apps will be free,
said. The company announced Tuesday its first apps contest, where developers get a chance to have their app featured in the Windows Store for Beta.


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