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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Windows 7 Keyboard Shortcuts

Hi Everybody
Here's Some of Shortcuts
1.[Win+M] – Minimize all open windows
2.[Win+Shift+M] – Undo all window minimization
3.[Win+D] :- Toggle showing the desktop
4.[Windows+Up] – Maximize window
5.[Windows+Down] – Minimize windows / Restore
6.[Windows+Left] – Dock window to the left side
7.[Windows+Right] – Dock window to the right side
8.[Windows+Shift Up] – Maximize vertical size of window
9.[Windows+Shift Down] – Restore vertical size
10.[Windows+Shift Left] – Move window to left monitor

11.[Windows+Shift Right] – Move window to right monitor
12.[Win+Spacebar] – Aero desktop peek
13.[Win+Home] – minimize/maximize all inactive windows
14.[Alt+F4] - Close the active window
15.[Alt+Tab] - Switch to previous active window
16.[Alt+Esc] – Cycle through all open windows
17.[Win+Tab]- Flip 3D
18.[Ctrl+Win+Tab]- Persistent Flip 3D


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